Twist Lacrosse Testimonials

Brett MD 44“Playing for Twist gave me the opportunity to play the best young lacrosse players in the country, while exposing me to college coaches to make my dreams of playing Division 1 Lacrosse come true. I started playing Twist with the hope that I may be able to earn a college scholarship. Twist did everything right in terms of getting me to a college where I could achieve my academic and lacrosse goals. They exposed me to all the best recruiting tournaments in the country with access to coaches of all levels. They prepared and coached me to play my best at all the tournaments we attended. They provided coaches who not only knew the game, but also are great role models to help develop athletes into great young men. The organization, from top to bottom, is run with the upmost professionalism and class. I am proud to be a part of such a great family that helps young men achieve their lacrosse and college related goals. I would highly recommend this organization for any player who wants to take their game to the next level and get exposed to college coaches of all levels. “

Brett Schmidt Class of 2007

University of Maryland
Denver Outlaws
Charlotte Hounds

Davidheiser2_smallI spent the summer of 2008 playing with the TWIST lacrosse club. For me, the summer was my last opportunity to expose myself to college coaches around the nation in hope of getting recruited to play college lacrosse. My hopes came true when I got scholarship offers to play lacrosse at both Penn State and Delaware. I would have never been in the position I was in if it weren’t for TWIST lacrosse and the great coaching staff. TWIST does and outstanding job at, first, placing you on a team where you will be successful and grow the most, and, second, getting you to tournaments where you will be seen by coaches from the best programs in the nation. Beyond the lacrosse aspect, TWIST has given me life long connections with players and coaches a like. I talk regularly with my coaches from that summer whether it be for advice about lacrosse or just to talk. In addition, the players I played with were top notch players that only made me play better. The atmosphere in which you play at TWIST caters to having a good time while learning the next level of the game. My TWIST experience was one of my best life experiences and definitly one of my best summers. ….

Eric Davidheiser Class of 2009

Penn State University

“I had a great experience playing for Team Twist. The coaching was excellent and it gave me the opportunity to compete against the best players in the country. The area high school programs are always improving but it does not come close to comparing to the competition I faced while playing for Team Twist. The bottom line is that Twist was able to help me improve my game, get the exposure I needed and most importantly, gave me the confidence to know that I could play at the next level. I am looking forward to playing at the University of Delaware. Twist is family and I would like to thank my coaches and former teammates for everything they have done for me. I wish everyone continued success.”

Steve Baxter, Class of 2005

University of Delaware

“Playing for Twist was a great experience for me. We went from being down toward the bottom of the brackets and playing the best out there, to being at the top, and winning the big tournaments and being the team to beat……. I never would have been getting letters from all the colleges I did if I didn’t play for Twist and I learned so much from them. Thanks to everyone that was a part of Twist…it was real.”

Dan Gramlich, Class of 2005

Ursinus College

“I don’t think I would be going to Swarthmore if it weren’t for TWIST. It wasn’t even on my radar in October of my senior year, but after receiving letters from them, via TWIST, I decided to check them out. It was probably the biggest influence on my college choice. I am so happy with what TWIST has brought me through recruiting and being a part of a team where everyone is family. Thanks for the good times and the big wins. Thanks…”

Colin Aarons, Class of 2005

Swarthmore College




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